How To Start A Business Making $5,000+ Per Month To Gain Financial Freedom By Using The Power of Your Unconscious Mind 

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There’s this little known thing called your unconscious mind. Hardly any business gurus talk about it. But when you learn about it and use it effectively, it will make a huge difference in your ability to Live Your Life on Your Terms.


  • Waking up every morning and instead of having to rush to get to your job, you're able to take your time rising, go hit the gym, get some meditation in, eat your breakfast, pop open your laptop and get to work...
  • Making money and creating an impact doing something that you enjoy.
  • Having the freedom to work from where you want, when you want and not ever having to listen to a boss ever again.
  • Having absolute confidence in your ability to succeed, making your mindset so bulletproof that you always feel a great sense of confidence and security in your own business
  • Never having a limit to the amount of money you are able to make.
  • Always being able to create and try new things to take your business to new heights, growing daily and making more and more money.. being able to pay off all of your debts with ease.
  • Finally living the life you always imagined day after day

Wouldn't it feel incredible if this was your life?.. Well.. It can be!

Inside the Freedom Creator Society, George will teach you proven step by step actions that will get you to your financial and business goals faster than you currently believe possible. These are the exact strategies he used to go from a drunk college dropout to building two six figure businesses, what he has learned from his billionaire mentor and what he has used to help many others just like you, go from working in a job to making high 4 figures, 5 figures and even 6 figures per month in their businesses!

You'll learn from George how to eliminate your limiting beliefs that are holding you back and reprogram your mind for success.

In the Freedom Creator Society you will get access to

Powerful videos with George's notes on how to rewire your mind for success (what the rich use to develop their mind for success)

Step by step course to make $5000+ per month using your mindset with proven principles and business strategies

As part of the FREE Membership to Freedom Creator Society, you will get:

Access to our $5K to 5 Figures course- This is our program with indepth mindset and business teachings that George has used to help others go from working at jobs and not making much progress with their businesses to begin making $5k, $9k, 5 figures and even 6 figures per month

First access to bi-weekly live calls - Every other week George will be doing an in depth live call training going over one specific topic to accelerate your income earning ability and answering your questions

First access to mastermind groups - These groups will consist of only high level individuals, like yourself. This is where you will be able to share your wins and your losses, get feedback on how to go about it better next time around and be held accountable to make sure you do what is required to achieve success.

Access to 14 mindset tools - Tools that no one is talking about that you will be able to use to reprogram your mind around money, which is going to accelerate your income earning abilities to EXTREME levels. By taking action on these tools, you will be amazed at how fast the money begins to come and where it begins to come from

Access to exclusive entrepreneur interviews - Interviews with entrepreneurs that have actually done the work and have built million dollar businesses and beyond. Uncovering the hidden secrets behind what it really takes to succeed.

What others are saying about George


“I am making more money now before breakfast than I do working two full workdays! The abundance I see around me is now outstanding and awesome!!"

- Jay Shah


"I run a landscaping business and I was working 80-100 hours a week. Since I started learning from George it has helped me change my mindset and break through barriers that I couldn’t do on my own. Now I am working around 20-40 hours a week and am making more money than i was before. Its incredible!”

Michael Salazar - CEO,  Greener Side Landscaping; Investor ar RAM Investments


“I am getting another raise of $7k. Simply put though.. Its a 12k raise in the last two months, since we began working together and now I’m the boss of my two colleagues. I enjoy the challenge"

- Surindra Sugrim


“Speaking engagements, new business opportunity and so much more! I have had so many incredible opportunities come into my life over the last few weeks that are in direct alignment to my goals. All of these opportunities are a results of taking action from what I learn from George and getting myself on the right frequency."

Travis Johnson - CEO, Millennial Money Coach

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